Get Your Own Store


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Get Your Own Store

Open your own merchandise store with Boss Attire today!


With this purchase, you will be receiving;

- Your Own Store

- 5% Discount code for your fans

- You receive 5% commission for every sale on your store

- 1 T-shirts added to your store

- 1 Hoodie added to your store

- 1 Drawstring Bag added to your store

- 1 Mug added to your store

- 1 Money Box added to your store

- Promotion on our social media



Your store will be up for 6 months, after that you must renew the subscription if you're wanting to stay with us.

This purchase is eligible for both individuals and teams.

We will be contacting you through email once you have purchased this product, we will provide good customer service and support to you. Ensuring you a happy experience.

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